Tom Mayers


Tom Mayers was born in Tampa in 1951, but grew up on the north end of Longboat Key at a family-owned marina called Land’s End. Tom’s experience around boats as a young child has since taken him around the world designing and sailing world-class boats. When he’s not working on the building and design of the 54-foot cruising boat known as The Land’s End, Tom might be doing work with the Historical Society, environmental consulting, or just fishing for dinner off his dock. Tom is also a New College alum, a mangrove expert, and a local historian.

Student interviewer: Casey Schelhorn

Casey is a student at The New College of Florida, and a proud resident of Sarasota. He is interested in the power of capturing and telling the stories of others. This pursuit, he believes, can strengthen communities by preserving living memories and providing a window into the past. When not in school, Casey and friends are renovating a house which will become field headquarters for future projects.

Interview Transcripts

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