Thomas Fulford


Thomas Fulford, more commonly known as Blue, is 87 years old and has lived in Cortez Florida his whole life. Blue learned to fish at an early age, a trade which supported him much the same as it had supported many generations of Fulfords before him. During Blue’s career as a fisherman, he witnessed the enactment of legislation which banned the type of commercial fishing that had sustained his family and community for over a century. Blue portrays life as a fisherman on Florida’s suncoast, and how that has changed over the course of his life.

Student Interviewer: Casey Schelhorn

Casey is a student at The New College of Florida, and a proud resident of Sarasota. He is interested in the power of capturing and telling the stories of others. This pursuit, he believes, can strengthen communities by preserving living memories and providing a window into the past. When not in school, Casey and friends are renovating a house which will become field headquarters for future projects.

Interview Transcripts


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