Debbie Stults-Harvey

Debbie Stults-Harvey was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1928. When she was a teenager during World War II, her parents bought the island of Cabbage Key and started a studio and inn there. During these first years, she lived with other families in Sarasota and spent summers living and helping out on Cabbage Key. For much of her adult life her husband was a Naval Officer, so she lived and traveled around the world for many years. During that time she still visited Cabbage Key often, which her family owned until 1969. She currently resides in Siesta Key.

Student Interviewer: Gail Fish

Gail Fish is a fourth year student at New College of Florida. She studies anthropology [and her current research focuses on ethnohistory of colonial Yucatan]. She lived in Florida for most of her life, and is now a proud Sarasota resident. She was drawn to this project by her interest in how views of the past shape and inform the present, storytelling, community engagement, her own fond memories and experiences with Florida waterways.

Interview Transcripts

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