Bill Burger


Bill Burger spent his childhood living in Florida part-time during the year until he moved to Bishop Harbor before his junior year of high school. A New College of Florida alumnus, Bill would go on to dedicate his life as in archaeologist in Southwest Florida working on projects with the Southwest Florida Water Management District, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Sarasota Department of Historical Resources. Eventually he was hired by the Sarasota County Government as the first professional Sarasota County Archaeologist. Even after retirement from Sarasota County, Bill continues to do archaeological research at his home on Terra Ceia Island.

Student Interviewer: Garrett Murto

Garrett Murto is a 4th year student studying archaeology at New College of Florida. His interest in learning more about the history of Sarasota County drew him to this project and through this project has taught him the importance of understanding the experiences of past professionals and community leaders through oral history. The lessons learned from the oral history project have been integral to all of Garrett’s archaeological projects since.

Interview Transcripts

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