Dave Pattison


Born in 1935, Dave Pattison grew up in Venice and has both observed and participated in the town’s development over the years. In high school, he was a founding member of the Venice Vagabonds, a 1950s-era drag-racing club that brought huge crowds to small-town Venice. He began working in the funeral business during high school, eventually owning a funeral home in Clewiston and running an ambulance service for much of South Florida. Now retired, Dave likes to work in his woodshop and spend time with his family.

Student Interviewer: Allie Stachura

Allie is a third-year humanities student at New College of Florida. Originally from northern Maryland, she moved to Sarasota in 2014. She participated in this oral history project because of her interest in using personal narratives and the role of storytelling in the construction of local history.

Interview Transcripts

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