Dr. Kellie Dixon


Georgia-born Kellie Dixon came to Sarasota in 1978, and she has worked at the MOTE Marine Laboratory as a scientist ever since. While starting off as a volunteer, she eventually earned the position of Program Manager of the Chemical and Physical Ecology group at MOTE, soon after earning her doctorate in Chemical Oceanography. Under this title, she continues to regularly conduct research necessary to analyze the state of Sarasota’s waters, all the while relishing the chance to learn more about the world around her for a living.

Student Interviewer: Mary Robertson

Mary Robertson is a first-year student at New College of Florida. Although planning to obtain a degree in Computer Science, through her participation in this project, she has found a renewed passion in both history and in the art of storytelling. Now that she has witnessed how powerful oral histories can be as a tool for learning and communicating, she aspires to pursue more projects in the future.

Interview Transcripts

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