Harriet Stieff


Harriet Stieff was born on July 31st in 1922 and spent her childhood in Sarasota, Florida. She grew up with four siblings, Lillian Burns, Owen Burns, Leonard Burns, and Vernona Burns. Harriet grew up in Sarasota and attended the Out of Doors School there until she went up north to go to Goucher College, where she majored in science. In 1942, while attending Goucher, she met her husband Lorin, and together they had three children: Rick, Charles, and Cathy. After she had her children, Harriet spent 18 years teaching kindergarten in Montgomery County of Maryland. After she retired, she spent another 18 years volunteering for the flower guild at the National Cathedral as well as volunteering for several years at the Adams Morgan School. Currently, she spends her time supporting her own interests in the history of Sarasota and is a member of the Historical Society of Sarasota County.

Student Interviewer: Bianca Persechino

Bianca Persechino was born in May of 1997. She spent her elementary and middle school education in a small Catholic school. Upon entering a public high school, she became involved in several different extracurricular activities such as the National Honor Society, Best Buddies Club, Baking Club, and rotating positions of the Student Council. Additionally, she took all honors classes and enjoyed learned from the limited variety of available humanities electives. Now, a third year student at New College of Florida she works as a server in a restaurant, fundraiser for the school, and data entryist for a medical company. Over the years she has been able to complete two internships and a job in marketing, photography for an international exhibition in Europe, and learn basic italian. In the future she hopes to be able to live in other countries, become fluent in 3 languages, and travel to every continent as a global citizen.

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