Allan Horton


Allan Horton was born in Palma Sola in Manatee County, Florida, and later moved to Sarasota. Throughout his life, he has always had boats and even as a child helped repair and build boats. Allan has worked as a journalist, cowboy, merchant seaman, legislative aid, and was enlisted in the Army, among other occupations. He wrote for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune for 24 years, and fought for Sarasota to adopt environmental protection standards before allowing the phosphate mining industry in Polk County to expand here. He also wrote editorials opposing the use of entanglement nets, and briefly wrote a “Waterlines” column for the Pelican. Allan’s father was the engineer of record for the original design of the Sunshine Skyway bridge; when a freighter collided with the bridge, Allan was there to report on it. He continues to sail, and volunteers for the maritime history program at Historic Spanish point, where he builds and interprets boats from the pioneer period.

Student Interviewer: Puneet Sandhu

Puneet is in her third year at New College of Florida, pursuing a Natural Science degree. She is active in journalism, which to her represents an enduring means to inform, inspire, and vex the world. Puneet was drawn to this oral history project by the opportunity to explore the many different perspectives on life in the same town, in the same time. After graduation, she plans to focus on journalism and the ways that the media influence societal perspectives on every aspect of life.

Interview Transcripts

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