Herman Johnson


Herman Johnson was born in 1961, in Eastman, Georgia. He was the son of a farmer, who eventually came to Sarasota at the age of 19. He’s spent his adult life contributing to the city, first working on the Hyatt condos, then as a marble worker and finally at New College of Florida. Herman enjoys spending time with his family in Eastman and Sarasota, and is happily married with many grandchildren. On weekends, you may catch Herman fishing with his grandson around the Sarasota area.

Student Interviewer: Nick Manting-Brewer

Nick is a 4th year student at New College, originally from Augusta, Georgia. He studies visual anthropology and his interests include filmmaking, oral history, exercise, and fitness. His future plans include as PhD in Visual Anthropology and research in Thailand and Hawaii.

Interview Transcripts


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