Captain Jonnie Walker


Jonnie Walker is a professional fishing guide in Sarasota, Florida. He moved to Sarasota as a kid in 1956, and has been fishing ever since. Over the years, he has seen many changes in Sarasota Bay as the coastline has been developed. He discusses the effects of dredging Sarasota Bay. Walker has been very active in Sarasota Bay projects. He is involved with the Coastal Conservation Association, the Sarasota Bay National Estuary Program, the Sarasota County Reef Committee, and served 8 years on the Natural Resources and Parks and Recreation Advisory Board of Sarasota County. He co-chairs an annual fishing event for the physically challenged. Jonnie likes to say: “take a kid fishing because someday he may take you.”

Student Interviewer: Anastasia Sallen

Anastasia “Tacy” Sallen is on the brink of graduating from New College of Florida. Majoring in anthropology, Sallen wrote her thesis on Sarasota’s own Orange Blossom Community Garden. As a community gardening enthusiast, she is interested in community building and edible landscaping. Sallen plans to continue listening, and hopes to continue gathering stories and making her own.

Interview Transcripts

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