George Luzier


George Luzier was born in Sarasota in 1924. Growing up during the Depression years instilled in George a build-it-yourself mentality. At age 11 he had already built his first wooden sailboat, and throughout his teenage years he would build many more. When WWII came along George enlisted as a Merchant Marine, where he would earn his Captain’s license. After the war was over, George returned to Sarasota, met his future wife Carolyn, and built his own house out of pecky cypress. After a few years captaining large freighters, George decided to start a company with his brother Homer building wooden boats in Sarasota. George, throughout the course of his career, has built hundreds of beautifully crafted wooden sailboats and motorboats, earning a reputation as one of the best wooden boat builders around. At 86 years old, George is still at it, building boats five days a week and sailing with his wife Carolyn whenever he gets the chance.

Student Interviewer: Casey Schelhorn

Casey is a student at The New College of Florida, and a proud resident of Sarasota. He is interested in the power of capturing and telling the stories of others. This pursuit, he believes, can strengthen communities by preserving living memories and providing a window into the past. When not in school, Casey and friends are renovating a house which will become field headquarters for future projects.

Interview Transcripts

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