Jono Miller


Jono Miller came to Sarasota in 1970 to attend New College, where he met and married his wife Julie Morris. Together they formed an environmental consulting partnership, studied the Myakka River, and shared duties coordinating the Environmental Studies Program at New College. Jono has walked all of the beaches in Sarasota and Manatee Counties and has canoed the length of Southwest Florida’s coast from Tampa south to Flamingo. An artist, writer, and environmental advocate, Jono is best known for his work in Sarasota County on land protection, the Myakka River and water issues.

Student Interviewer: Kaitlyn Bock

Kaitlyn Bock is originally from Philadelphia but has lived on Florida’s west coast since 2003. Over the years, she has developed a strong attachment to Florida’s natural lands and wildlife. Kaitlyn believes that an understanding of history can deepen our love for the land. By capturing local stories from Sarasota’s residents, Kaitlyn hopes to share the area’s historical knowledge and sense of place with the community.

Interview Transcripts

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