Juan Rodriguez



Juan Rodriguez is a legendary surfboard builder and life long surfer born and raised in Sarasota. As a young boy, Juan was always interested in building, crafting, and working with his hands. He started fixing surfboards early in his adolescence and surfed at local spots like Lido Key and Crescent Beach. His passion for surfing led to years of international travel and adventure. For Juan, these experiences have shaped his life and fostered a deep respect for the world’s oceans. Juan Rodriguez is the owner of One World Surf Designs in Sarasota. He has no current plans to retire.

Student Interviewer: Kaitlyn Bock

Kaitlyn Bock is originally from Philadelphia but has lived on Florida’s west coast since 2003. Over the years, she has developed a strong attachment to Florida’s natural lands and wildlife. Kaitlyn believes that an understanding of history can deepen our love for the land. By capturing local stories from Sarasota’s residents, Kaitlyn hopes to share the area’s historical knowledge and sense of place with the community.

Interview Transcripts

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