Randall Wells


Dr. Randall Wells is a Senior Conservation Scientist with Chicago Zoological Society and a Senior Scientist with Mote Marine Laboratory. He played a vital role in establishing Mote’s renowned Sarasota Dolphin Research Program, the world’s longest running dolphin study. Along with other scientists and researchers, Dr. Wells has discovered and tracked residency patterns of Sarasota Bay’s bottlenose dolphin population. His efforts have also succeeded in building up Sarasota’s appreciation and conservation of its marine mammals.

Student Interviewer: Jenica Leahy

Jenica Leahy is a third year Classics student at New College. An interest in Ancient Greek orality led to a further interest in Sarasota’s oral history project, as she wished to explore the implications of the oral narrative in modern day interviews. This project allowed Jenica to step out of her comfort zone and explore beyond the Ancients.

Interview Transcripts

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