Jane Burgess


Jane Burgess is life long Sarasotan whose large family has deep roots in Sarasota and in Myakka State Park. An alum of Sarasota High School, the wife of a milkman, and mother to children of all ages, Jane is a story teller and observer of the world around her. She nurtures gardens of people and of plants, and has created an exquisite painted stencil garden inside her house and a wildflower garden on the outside.

Student Interviewer: Erica Lindegren

Erica Lindegren is a New College alum, class of 2011, who studied anthropology, international studies, and gender studies in college. As an anthropologist, dancer, and artist, she has long been fascinated by people’s stories and the world around her, and was thrilled to be able to participate in this project.

Interview Transcripts

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