John “Pete” Burgess

John “Pete” Burgess is a long time Florida resident. Though born in Macon, Georgia, he moved to Sarasota when he was 11, and graduated from Sarasota High School in the late 1940’s. Fresh out of high school, Pete was Sarasota’s milk man, delivering to the residents of Siesta and Longboat Key, a job that he looks back on fondly. He later moved into management, and eventually into a position with Tropicana, where he stayed until his retirement. His time in Sarasota was filled with scallops and mullet (fishing), pig and duck (hunting), chocolate milk and eggnog (special milk route items on commission)…what was full was his belly. Pete’s commitment to his family, work and personal projects have kept him smiling wide to this day. Mt. Rainier, the Smokey Mountains, Myakka River State Park, a tent and a camper catalyzed a lasting Burgess bond, and Pete enjoys nothing more than monthly family gatherings at his and his wife’s home (that he helped build) up in Bradenton. Pete moved to Bradenton in the 1970’s, and has since been enjoying his time there.

Student Interviewer: Matthew Cutler

Matthew Cutler, born and raised on the east coast of Florida, is now in his 4th year at New College. His interest in independent, community radio and media has spiked in the past few years, and he has been searching for stories and histories that serve to highlight the individual and compel the community. This project drew him in as a way to connect his experiences and studies attributed to radio with the ‘oral history’ techniques that help to create and capture an individual’s experience audibly.

Interview Transcripts

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