Laurel Kaiser


Mrs. Kaiser was born in Sarasota, FL where she has lived all of her life. In her 20s, she fell in love with the sport of windsurfing. Since the late 1980s, Kaiser has taught windsurfing and kiteboarding to Sarasota residents and visitors alike. She is an advocate for environmental awareness and water access, and is passionate about encouraging others to enjoy the water.

Student Interviewer: Jordan Kearschner

Jordan is a fourth-year history student at New College of Florida. She is currently writing her thesis on American and Soviet airwomen in World War II. Jordan’s interest in going into public history post-graduation led her to the Water Atlas Oral History Project.

Interview Transcripts

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1 thought on “Laurel Kaiser Leave a comment

  1. Laurel,

    Is one of the most uncompromising, full of character and driven persons you will ever meet. She is loaded with the right stuff and is a human dynamo !
    Bright, charismatic, so full of life and grace she is wonderfully beautiful both inside and out.

    To watch Laurel kite on the waters in the Gulf Of Mexico is truly amazing and captivating, she does it so effortlessly it’s poetry in motion.

    Did l say she can kayak, to watch Laurel paddle a kayak is an event. Her beautiful long arms stretch out over the water with such grace and in light and effortless motion propelling the kayak forward, it’s fantastic to watch.

    Laurel is truly a very special lady and we are blessed to have this world class kite surfer here in Southwest Florida.

    If you are ever at Englewood beach on a light breezy day you can see Laurel do her magic carpet ride on the blue Gulf waters. Be ready to entertained and mesmerized
    by this beautiful lady.

    Brad Watkins


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