Luz Corcuera


Luz is the executive director of Unidos Now, an organization that focuses on promoting education attainment for Latinos in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Originally from Peru, she has lived in Sarasota for 16 years. She advocates the use of inter-generational community involvement to better the lives of young people. She is outspoken about issues of gender, economic, environmental, and racial justice, and promotes community service as the key to bettering oneself and one’s communities.

Student Interviewer: Milo Bickel

Milo is a third-year anthropology student at New College of Florida. He believes strongly that individual experiences, woven together, create a community fabric and that understanding these experiences is fundamental to building and improving communities. This belief, and a passion for education as a tool for social justice, drew him to the oral history project. He hopes to continue to use ethnography as a tool in his future activism.

Interview Transcripts

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